Featured Works: For Harriet Whom History Forgot (2019) by Megan Flynn, Stop and Smell the Roses (2019) by Greyson Gerdts, A Common Sense (2019) co-choreographed by Abigail Linnemeyer and Heather Dutton, Gambit of Humanity (2019) and Agape’s Touch: Beyond Earthly Attachment (2020) by Randall Anthony Smith, Inadvertent Intimacy (2019) and Pass the Potatoes (2019) by Heather Dutton, catACLysmic (2019) by Ashley Veglia, Ascending Mount Jubilant (2020) by Rachel Bernstein, 6:24am (2018) by Nikki Gagliano, Class Combination by Natalie Gotter

(all studio footage improvised)

Featured Works: Scale and Scope (2018), A Common Sense (2019) co-choreographed with Heather Dutton, Certain Uncertainty (2019), Rerouting (2019), Half the People in the Room (2020) co-choreographed with Heather Dutton