Artist Philosophy

As an artist, I am interested in researching the ways in which movement can highlight fundamental aspects of humanity, with a specific concentration in pedestrianism and partner work. I am fascinated by the way people can impact, guide, and support each other in every day life and on stage. Therefore, within my choreographic process, I strive to create a comfortable environment for both myself and my dancers, in order to promote vulnerability and honesty in the work. I work collaboratively, and generate movement that is specific to the dancers in the space. Improvisation plays a crucial role in developing movement material in the early stages of my process. My choreography is driven by a flux between physically demanding movement and simplistic pedestrian movement that is identifiable to any audience member, which further draws on the complexities of human nature and human relationships. Most of my work is based off of personal experience, internal thought, and my history with trauma. I am also interested in viewing, creating, and performing work through a gendered lens and challenging the norms of gender and power on stage. I am constantly searching for innovative and creative ways to move individual bodies and multiple bodies in space. “What if” questions often impact the way my work pieces together. Unpacking life experience and thought through partnering, pedestrianism, and improvisation drives my work to be what it is.